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my little brother made me realise that your presence at the Horn of Africa, reached a sheer unprecedented number. 

I guess you are there to help the people in need for the last couple of months. 
Nevertheless, your websites and the daily news suggest that either no one is there to help, as funds are diverted for “administration purpose”, or that the situation becomes more desperate with every day that passes. 

Where are our donations?

Either it will never be enough or the suffering of the Somali people became a gap in the market.

Could you please stop taking pictures of the unfortunate (sitting there, as if they were waiting for redemption) while you seem well-fed next to them, dressed in your white or blue neatly ironed T-shirt. We know that they were left with nothing, but there is no need to take away their dignity, as they believe that only Allah is their provider. Don’t mock them!

Why don’t you take pictures of the things you have achieved so far? 

Why don’t you show us the figures (the thousands, the millions of US-Dollar; Euros and Pound-Sterling) showing how you spent the donations that reach you?

If you went to the Horn of Africa to boost your CV for the UN, for a political career, or simply for the name of your organisation, please leave – right now!

We need the ones who want to eat and live with people in need, instead the ones who go back to their acclimatised hotel after their shift! 

We need the ones who believe in sustained development, instead the ones who force the Third World to agreements which exploit them!

Your pictures don’t face me!

Be honest to us, or simply leave Somalia, leave Africa and go back to where you came from.


Abdul Usman

Via -Pen N’Paper

-Now who made this post » I haven’t heard of any rain in Southern Somalia where the famine is :S 

We promise to praise God for you. We will not Hide from you or curse at you. We vow to never use an umbrella, a rain coat or run away from you. We will not take you for granted like so many have done. We will cherish every moment you choose to come down at us . We will dance under you out of sheer bliss and rejoice in the blessing that you are. We will forever be at awe at how you help life come forth . We will not stay indoors and call the day that you pour - a gloomy one . 

We love you and miss you so greatly . If you choose to come , we would not ask you to leave. So please do put a smile on our faces and help quench our thirst 

Sincerely ,
Forgotten Africa 

- I’d be looting stores not for electronics but for food, Not for the latest fashion but for a simple garment..any garment really . I’d put a smile on a few children’s faces and put shelter over a mother’s head.  

My heart goes out to all the mothers who have lost their children, their husbands , their families to this horrible famine. To see your very own starve in front of your eyes, Knowing that there is nothing you can feed them , nothing to ease their pain, to see them die slowly, painfully in the middle of nowhere . Do you have to suffer the same to know how if feels ? 

A prayer, A shirt, A few grains , Water , Anything will help these people. God does not bring down a musibah on a nation but to test those around them , the more well-off, the muslim nation as a whole. You speak of brotherhood and a Muslim Ummah . Today is your chance to help a brother , help a sister , help a child from starving . You do not need a gun , you do not need helicopters or great wealth. All you need is a bag of rice, a can of beans , If not , a simple prayer , a simple du’a for everytime you bow your head in supplication. Don’t just sit there and do nothing . Silence is a sign of acceptance. Do not be the one to accept the suffering of other human beings. be like the people of Gaza, we should all shed tears of blood when the poor are feeding the poor and rich standby watching. 

PS: try directing your zakat this year to Somalia and the famine struck areas. they need it the most

It breaks my heart to know that my own people,Other Somalis, Muslims like you and I would think this way .
Yes I do believe it is a test from Allah , But it is a test for the Rich , for the well off , for those who can afford to help others, For those who have food on their tables and roofs over their heads .Will you thank Allah for that Blessing today ? Say Alhamdullilah ? Or will you find a way to blame those that have not been blessed with what you have for their own misfortune?  Will you help a starving child of 3 years old ? Would you take the time of day to make a simple prayer for those that have to walk for days just for a drink of water ?. Is it your place to predict what Allah’s intentions where when he brings about misfortune for some ? Is it your place to judge so arrogantly on the mistakes of the dead and the long gone ? The Somalis you say have killed each other are dead . Aren’t they ? Would you make that same foul statement if you were the one in that circumstance ?

Yes maybe Allah is testing their patience , Allah is All Merciful , He is All kind , All Knowing . To think so lowly of Allah is a reflection of your own weakness. Please do not deem an entire nation as worthy of punishment because of the mistakes of few. the internet is not your throne to pass out ignorant statements , Watch your words for you will be held accountable for them by Allah . And if you think God would punish millions for the errors of those before them ,Imagine how he would look at your arrogance and your lack of human compassion ?

CLICK ON THE LINK, and you’ll get all the information you need on where to donate and how . all it takes is just 20$ . 


So that was a facebook status that showed up on my homepage a few days back. My first reaction was shock. I could not believe that someone actually considered “Dependency” an issue with all that was happening. 3 days later and I am still repulsed by that very statement. 

Yes we all have heard the famous saying ” teach a man to fish ,you feed him for a lifetime. Give him the fish , you feed him for a day” . In theory it’s all beautiful and we nod our heads to how much sense it all makes but In reality what if this man knows how to fish but there just isn’t any left in the sea ? Do you leave him there to starve? to die? .

Well that is the very situation in Somalia. If we followed that very thinking ,Over millions of children and women would be dead this very instant . And it’s easy for someone who hasn’t been to Somalia to make such a statement, sitting behind an expensive laptop in an air conditioned room , but if you do visit Somalia ,If that very person or anyone who makes statements like that took the time of day to sit with the locals they would be surprised to know how many university graduates there are that can’t find a job . what’s even more surprising is Some of them actually go back for a second or third degree just because they have nothing else to do then to just sit home . Somalia has been in civil war for the last 21 years , there is no employment offices, there is no jobs being made for the people.  

they say money can’t buy happiness well when your happiness is defined by whether you do eat today or not then yes money does buy you happiness. Money does not buy happiness for people who do not realize what they are blessed with .

Somalia needs every penny it can get , Every cent counts especially when it is being hit with the worst droughts in the last 20 or so years.