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So here’s an interesting Question for everyone : 
Is organ donation allowed from an Islamic point of view. Is it Halaal to Donate your organs when alive or dead or is it considered Haraam?  




“During a recent Al Jazeera interview, the head of a Somalia-based charity mission decried the lack of support his people were receiving. He lambasted the world, particularly Arabs and Muslims. He seemed puzzled by the fact that little support is reaching the victims even during the holiest of Muslim periods. Then he spoke of the aid arriving from Gaza. The news anchor cut him off quickly at this point, and moved on to a “related topic”: aid sent by the Qatari government.

I wondered about it myself. Could Israel-besieged Gaza really be sending aid to famine-besieged Somalia?


One of multiple Gaza-led charity campaigns to aid Somalia is called “From Gaza: hand in hand to save the children of Somalia”. According to Ma’an News Agency, this latest effort is led by the Arab Medical Union. “The campaign aimed to demonstrate the extent of physical cohesion between besieged Gaza and Somalia and that the Palestinian people are capable to support and stand with the Somali people,” Ma’an reported on Aug. 2. Palestinians in the West Bank are also mobilizing around help for Somalia. The doctors’ union has opened several bank accounts to accommodate donations.”

This is your “glimpse of hope” for today (L)

I wonder if people understand how amazing this is. Wow.


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