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What is Al-Shabaab exactly ? - Is it a true Extremist terrorist Organization Or Is there More to it than what meets the Eye 

If the Majority of the Civilians want peace , why is this war still standing 22 years into it . - Could it Be “The Helping hands” of other Nations are really Just a pretence and Contributing if not solely Directing this madness .   

Why is there No Strict Regulation on Mosques and Quranic Schools within the North to Stop the open Recruitment of Little Boys by Al-Shabaab ?  Or Is the North turning a Blind eye to anything with potential benefit to Recognition 

If I was a Believer in Al-shabaab teachings , Wouldn’t I just Fullfill my duties by blowing up the nearest “Fitnah Causing entity” instead of travelling 1000s of miles and spending a fortune to blow up somewhere else ? . …..

[Rest of Questions to controversial to post ] 

Borama, Hargeisa, Las-Anod,
Bits and Pieces of Somalia/Somaliland  

I can already sense the tension rising before I even put my article on paper , But to those of you getting into a rage simply because I mentioned the self proclaimed country “Somaliland” - Here is a chill pill , relax and read what I have to say from a point of view many Somalis share. 

Over the past 5 years , I have been residing in a small city north of the Capital Hargeisa , Known as Borama. this is one of the most peaceful towns in all of Somalia put together . People mind their bussiness for the most part and whatever little harrasment I have faced during my stay was very much bearable , rather entertaining I might say . Now as most of you up to date with the Somali news and politics will know , Somaliland’s president for almost 10 years was a man named Dahir Riyale. Back in 2010 he finally lost the presidential election which he was running for the 2nd time .the sequence of events that took place since is rather interesting . 

Since 2010’s Somaliland presidential election , the northern region Known as Awdal, which comprises mainly of Borama has declared itself as a seperate entity known as AwdalState. Now whether AwdalState is calling itself a country or a State of the United Somalia again, we do not know yet . But what it has made clear is  It is not to be associated with Somaliland anymore. However to most Somalis The emergence of AwdalState does not really come of as a surprise . 

One of the main reasons there has been peace in most of Somaliland during Dahir Riyale’s presidency comes from his Tribal roots. Being from the “Gaadabuursi” tribe has during the years won him votes from both the north and the South of Somaliland. The North [awdal region] being his hometown and his family, and the South [Sanaag and Sool ] because of his clan’s rather neutral background at all times. Now that he is no longer president, the North naturally want nothing to do with Somaliland anymore. Not to mention the clashes in the small towns of Qabiiley and Dilla between the Isaaq clan [ Current president’s clan ] and the Gaadabuursi clan [ Former president’s clan] , which has worsened tensions between the Government and the North.[ Notice the tribal Politics at play at all times within Somalia]

Now that Somaliland is loosing it’s Northern Region , it has moved on to gain control over the disputed South , more specifically the small town of Buuhodle, part of the state of SSC [ Sool. Sanaag and ‘Ain ] which also refuses to be associated with Somaliland and considers itself a State of United Somalia .

Ever Since the new president has come to power in 2010, this small town has been under constant attack for no apparent reason .The most recent attack starting a few days ago . this took place while most of the male resident population were out of town attending a conference in the nearby city of Talee’h. From the many opinions out on the streets ,people seem to believe this is the one area that is yet to be secured as part of the former British Somaliland border. Hence once the borders are all secured , recognition will follow. - A tactical move that comes out of desperation and a final attempt to restore hope to a rather skeptical nation , quickly losing faith in it’s government’s failed promise of recognition over the last 21 years. 

[And what better way to distract them from the problem at hand than to give them bloodshed, renew old wounds and watch as people glorify killing and rejoice in the death of one another.] 

From the original 6 regions , Somaliland is now left with only 3. And at an attempt to make the remaining regions more in number and to satisfy the tribal ego in so many Somalis; it has named small villages with a population of less than 3000 people a state/region. [Divide, Rule and Conquer]

Although Somaliland might appear peaceful to most of the world , what is brewing inside this unrecognised independent country is far from peace. And despite the best efforts of the Government to silence any talks on a public scale [ the media, religious leader, Clan seniors]  about the current situation, it is clear to the local reasonable resident that Somaliland has become a ticking time bomb that is ready to blow at any second. 

 Today it is a graveyard, A battle ground, A war zone, A prison and a Hospital with no staff. It is everything but Home